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Hope, Healing and Freedom for Women

RTF Counselors :

Issue Focused Ministry - $150


Thorough Focused Ministry - $782.25


Restoring The Foundations (RTF) is an inner healing and deliverance ministry. You can access the RTF Website by clicking here. At Anchor Church, our RTF ministers are trained to conduct both Issue-Focused Ministry (IFM) and Thorough Format Ministry (TFM), the two RTF Formats. IFM is designed to help you deal with one specific issue that you would like the Lord to help you with. TFM, on the other hand, is designed to cover multiple issues. And IFM session last about 3 hours. TFM session is five 3 hours sessions.

Please know that confidentiality of the information you provide, either in writing or verbally, is strictly held. We do not share your information with anyone including your spouse, pastor, etc. You are free to share with whom you wish of course. 

RTF has four main ministry areas.
1. Sins of the Fathers and Resulting Curses: Deals with the generational sin/curse patterns found in every family and breaks the power of them over your life.
2. Ungodly Beliefs: Deals with a person's belief system and helps you break agreement with those beliefs that do not line up with how God thinks.
3. Soul/Spirit Hurts: A time when Jesus brings healing to specific hurts He desired to heal.
4. Demonic Oppression: After removing the enemy's legal right to oppress you, we simply cast him out.
We will ask you to fill out a Personal Questionnaire which is available Here:

Carrie Hook

Abby McCabe

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